20 Books of Summer: Piranesi

I read Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell over a decade ago, before I kept any regular record on Goodreads. I picked it up for a reading challenge–the prompt was a book longer than one you’d usually read–and also because I had been intrigued by the reviews. Magic and fantasy are not typically my thing, but... Continue Reading →

20–okay, 10–books of summer

For book lovers, at least for those of us who follow book blogs, 20 Books of Summer, hosted by Cathy at 746 Books, heralds the start of summer. The last time I tried to participate was in 2019. Things...didn't go well. And then there were two summers that went--wait, where did they go? I've been... Continue Reading →

2021: My Reading Year

Well, I think it's safe to say this year has been kind of strange for all of us. Here in the Netherlands, we were in full lockdown for the first half of the year, and now we're back here again until mid-January. I won't even begin to pretend that the pandemic hasn't affected my reading,... Continue Reading →

Writers & Lovers

Writers & Lovers by Lily King"I can’t find one moment, one sentence, that’s any good. Even the scenes I’ve clung to when all else seems lost—those first pages I wrote in Pennsylvania and the chapter I wrote in Albuquerque that poured out of me like a visitation—have dimmed. It all looks like a long stream... Continue Reading →

#10BooksofSummer Check-in

Hello All! I hope your summer is going well. I figure we’re somewhere around the mid-point of #20BooksofSummer (but am too lazy to do any actual counting), so I thought I’d check in and share how things have been going so far. I’m happy to say that I’ve read five books on the list: Oral... Continue Reading →

10 Books of Summer Challenge

Well, hello there! Nothing like getting back into the swing of things like joining a challenge. I've been itching to get back to the blog, so when Cathy at 746 Books announced her annual 20 Books of Summer challenge, I decided this might be a prime opportunity. Now, I've failed to complete this challenge before,... Continue Reading →

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